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Searching Journals in Criminology

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Finding a Journal

To find a specific journal, go to the Journal Finder page. There, you can search by the title of the journal.


Review the available years, and click the link for the option that most closely corresponds with your research needs. This will probably be the option that extends to the present.


Search within a Journal

Because you are targeting specific journals for this project, you may want to search within a single journal. Most puplishers include a search box for this purpose. This type of search may have limited functions.

Using the steps above, go to the journal page. Look for a "Search Within" or similar box. Each site may be different.


Search Several Journals Simultaenously

Using Crimal Justice Abstracts, it is possible to hand select which journals you will search at one time. For this project, this is a more powerufl option. You can select the five journals approved by your professor, but still use the powerful search featues of Criminal Justice Abstracts, a subject database.




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