Scholarly Journal Articles

The most efficient approach to find scholarly journal articles on any topic is to start in one of the library’s databases such as Criminal Justice Abstracts or Sociological Abstracts (see below) which index hundreds of scholarly journals and will lead you to relevant articles on your topic.

The Library subscribes to a large number of scholarly criminal justice journals. The links on the Library’s website and on this course guide provide access to the full text online.

2 helpful tips:

findit.gif  Your gateway to the full text of journal articles.

Content is available via the following links:  Click on the Article link(s) to go to the full text.
Request from another library:  Submit an interlibrary loan request online. It takes on average 3-5 days for the article to arrive via email.


What is a scholarly journal article?

A scholarly journal article is a lengthy journal article based on primary research or original theoretical speculation and published in what is often referred to as a peer-reviewed journal. Most scholarly journal articles in the social sciences include the following elements:

Author name and affiliation
Introduction & literature review
Data & measurement
Analysis & results

For a more detailed description of the differences between scholarly journals and popular magazines click here. You can find a detailed description of the peer-review process on Wikipedia.

Background Research

The library has a large number of subject specific online encyclopedias with exhaustive and well-researched entries written by subject experts. The essays in these encyclopedias and companions are great overviews and they can be helpful in defining and focusing a topic. All essays include bibliographies that will lead to further sources on a topic.

Citing Your Sources

  • Export references from journal indexes/databases
    All the indexes listed above format references in APA style:
    Check off the articles which you need to cite and click on Save, Print, Email. The QuickBib feature has a selection of styles available from which you can choose. APA is the most widely used style in the social sciences.


  • Export references from online encyclopedias
    Most of the online encyclopedias format references in APA style: