This page was created for the Classical Dramaturgy. This page contains some helpful tutorials for databases discussed during the librarian class visit and links to useful organizational resources. To access web resources and databases discussed during your class's librarian visit, as well as additional resources that may be useful during your research please go to the Theatre Subject Guide. 

  Dramaturgical and Theatrical Books

Book List for Theatre 7120-001 Classic Dramaturgy
This is a list of print books compiled as a starting point for dramaturgy students.  It should help to give an idea of the kinds of books available to you and where you can find them in the library.  

Dramaturgy Handbooks: Available on hold at the library's front desk under course number 7020, for Dr. Phillips. 
Dramaturgy Student Handbook Which can be downloaded as a PDF. 

  Resource Tutorials

  Organizing & Citing Your Sources

Use the Theatre Subject Guide to access databases and web resources.