Tools for Identifying Scholarly/Peer Review and Trade/Professional Journals

Types of articles found in both Professional & Scholarly Journals

  • Reviews of Books, Films & Programs
  • Primary Research
  • Literature Reviews/Meta-Analysis/Secondary Research
  • News
  • Editorials
  • Interviews/Biographies
  • Proceedings

Article Databases

Search Techniques

  • Synonmys
  • Field Searching
  • Controlled Vocabulary v. Keyword-- Descriptor, Thesaurus, Subjects,
  • Boolean AND includes both keywords, Boolean OR includes at least one term
  • Truncation variations on stem word, plurals

Keywords for Types of Research

literature review--literature survey--meta-analysis, interview, case study, survey, observational, ethnology,quantitiatve, qualitative, discourse analysis, experimental, theory, theoretical, formative research, statistical analysis, focus groups,

Creating a Bibliography

  • Database Citations Utilities
  • RefWorks Web based program for importing, formating and organizing citations
  • Research & Documentation Online Well regarded secondary guide for creating ALA and MLA citations

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