Yes, you can still search for books!

Falvey has many digital texts that you can search for and use online even though you can't access our physical collections. 

Library Search Engine - Basics tutorial (short video) ​​​​
Library Search Engine - Advanced Techniques tutorial (short video) ​​​​

Instructions for finding ebooks:

Visual Guide to searching for ebooks

  • Use this link to search ebooks
    • It will take you to our entire catalog of ebooks so there are a few things you need to do to get you to resources specific to your topic.
  • First right under the books and media search bar you will see a check box for "Retain current filters" check that before doing any searches, it will ensure that the filter for "Collection: Online" is retained when you do a search. 
  • After you have asked it to retain your filters you can put your search terms into the search bar and search just as you normally would.
  • In addition to the filter for online collections, you can scroll down the right hand column to the "Subject" filters and apply additional subject filters to the search terms you are trying.
  • Remember that academic databases need you to be more specific in your search terms than google. If one search doesn't work try another, think of synonyms. 
  • A really good place to get ideas for key word searches is Wikipedia, you may discover terminology you were unaware of, or connections you didn't know about. Use those ideas to develop search terms to use on the library website and our databases.

Finally when in doubt contact your librarian!

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