Reference Resources

  A Companion to Gender History
Surveys the history of women around the world, studies their interaction with men in gendered societies, and looks at the role of gender in shaping human behavior over thousands of years.

  A Companion to Women's and Gender Studies
Explores the central concepts, theories, themes, debates, and events of women's and gender studies covering a wide range of topics from global, postcolonial, intersectional, and interdisciplinary perspectives.

  A glossary of feminist theory

  Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature (ebook)
The path-breaking Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories is an accessible, multidisciplinary insight into the complex field of feminist thought. The Encyclopedia contains over 500 authoritative entries commissioned from an international team of contributors and includes clear, concise and provocative explanations of key themes and ideas. Each entry contains cross references and a bibliographic guide to further reading; over 50 biographical entries provide readers with a sense of how the theories they encounter have developed out of the lives and situations of their authors.

  Feminist philosophies A-Z (ebook)
A concise alphabetical guide to the key terms, issues, theoretical approaches, projects and thinkers in feminist philosophy.

  Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press)
Contains the complete text of the second edition of the 20-volume Dictionary. Presents authoritative information on words in the English language, including their form, definition, history, pronunciation, and etymology. Approximately 1,000 new and revised entries are added on a quarterly basis.

  The Handbook of Gender, Work, and Organization.
Features interdisciplinary literature reviews and empirical findings. The handbook is organized in five sections: histories and philosophies; organizing work and the gendered organization; embodiment; globalization; and diversity.

  The Handbook of Language, Gender and Sexuality. (2nd ed.)
Provides a global overview of key historical themes and issues, along with methodologies and research topics.

  The Oxford handbook of feminist theory (ebook)
Provides an overview of the analytical frameworks and theoretical concepts feminist theorists have developed to challenge established knowledge. Leading feminist theorists, from around the globe, provide in-depth explorations of a diverse array of subject areas, capturing a plurality of approaches. The

  The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies.
Examines and explores the lives and experiences of LGBTQ individuals, focusing on LGBTQ issues and identity primarily through the lenses of psychology, human development and sociology, emphasizing queer, feminist and ecological perspectives.