Fall 2017 Digital Projects



Digital Project Software

  • StoryMap JS
    Maps that tell stories
  • Timeline JS
    Tell a story in chronological order
  • TimeMapper
    Timeline combined with maps
    Instructions: https://schoolofdata.org/using-timemapperjs-for-data-storytelling/
  • Omeka
    Curate your own collection of digital objects
  • Google My Maps
    Create your own custom maps
  • Google Ngram Viewer
    Textanalysis based on the Google Books Corpus
  • Voyant
    Text Analysis of a selected text. Works best with raw text files.
  • Wordle
    More art than analysis, Wordle creates text clouds that highlight frequently used terms. Works best with raw text files.

Make sure you have all the tools and sources besides the selected software. Some applications require a Google account and/or and image server other applications allow you to upload your images directly to the website. You may need a plain text version of your text. Your images may have to follow prescribed file conventions, etc.


Images and Maps

Images and maps are critical for most digital projects. Creating a digital project equals publishing it. As the author(s) of the digital project you are responsible to follow copyright law. Most images and maps are protected by copyright unless they were created prior to 1923 or have a creative commons license.

Most images on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Commons have a creative commons license which means you can reuse them for your project as long as you credit the source of the image. Hathi Trust and Internet Archive include books and films that are either in the public domain or have a creative commons license. Make these archives your first stop on the hunt for visual sources.

  • Wikimedia Commons
    A large collection of visual sources that can be reused and adapted under a Creative Commons license. This license requires proper attribution
  • Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
    Text and visual sources that can be reused and adapted under a Creative Commons license. This license requires proper attribution.
  • Internet Archive
    A non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Not all content is in the public domain (pre-1923 imprints) or can be shared via a creative commons license.
  • Hathi Trust
    (or Google Books)
    Use only sources that were published prior to 1923. Limit results in Google Books to "free Google ebooks" and in Hathi Trust to "full view."

Primary and Secondary Sources

Use primary and secondary sources from  the Library's collections to develop your story.