Books & Chapters

Find books in the Library’s collection with a Books & Media search. Start with keywords that describe your topic and use the hyperlinked subjects in the book records to reduce and focus search results. Notice facets such as topic and language which will further narrow results. Subject searches can significantly increase or decrease the number of results. For a more comprehensive review of the literature consult WorldCat and use the integrated Borrow from other libraries feature to request books which are not locally available.

Books & Media
Includes records of all print and e-books owned by the Library. Use the Online collection facet to limit results to ebooks.

Oxford Bibliographies (Oxford University Press)  Tutorial
Presents peer-reviewed, annotated bibliographies and expert commentary on current scholarship in selected disciplines.

Provides a full text archive of academic journals and books in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.

WorldCat (FirstSearch)
WorldCat is a catalog of library collections worldwide. WorldCat highlights publications available at Villanova University. Other items can be requested through inter-library loan.

EZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan
Use the Articles/Chapters form to request digital scans of book chapters. Check the Library website for availability of interlibrary borrowing for print books.

Course-related Subjects

Journal Articles

Historical Abstracts (EBSCO)
Indexes academic journals, magazines, books, book reviews, and dissertations that cover world history from 1450 to the present, excluding North American history which is covered in the companion index America: History and Life. Includes abstracts for academic journal articles and selective full text content. Coverage extends back to 1953.

Provides a full text archive of academic journals and books in the humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. The most recent three to five years of a journal are usually not included.

Primary Sources

Gallica: The BnF digital library
Features digital copies of primary sources held by the Bibiliothèque Nationale de France. Sources include books, newspapers and magazines, manuscripts, sound recordings and images. The newspaper files include archives for Le Figaro, Le Temps, L'Humanité, and Le Petit Parisien among others.

Internet Archive
Provides digital access to books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Most of the freely available files are books published prior to 1923 and government documents. Also includes the Wayback Machine, an archive of hundreds of billions of web pages from across the history of the internet.

Published and Translated Primary Sources

Add primary source subject extensions to the subjects proposed above: sources OR narratives OR correspondence OR diaries OR speeches, etc.
Combining "Rive gauche (Paris, France)" AND sources will lead you to a published selection of translated articles that appeared in the Paris Tribune between 1917 and 1934.
Using the same search terms in WorldCat typically increases your search results.

Citation Management

Chicago Manual of Style Online
The 17th edition of the Manual is the most current. The online version includes a Citation Quick Guide with examples. The Library's website offers a short introduction and overview to the Notes and Bibliography System commonly used in the humanities.