This research guide introduces selected academic publications about the Roman Empire. Use the navigation menu on the left to explore the Library's classical studies collections and feel free to contact me if you have questions. I am also available for research consultations. Use the book now button to schedule a meeting with me. 

Encyclopedias, Handbooks & Companions

The Library has a substantial collection of subject-specific encyclopedias, handbooks, and companions with exhaustive and well-researched articles written by subject experts. These essays are great introductions to the historiography and helpful in defining and focusing a topic. Articles generally include references to recommended literature.

  Oxford Research Encyclopedias - Oxford Classical Dictionary

  Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Wiley-Blackwell)

  Encyclopedia of the Roman Army (Wiley-Blackwell)

  Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity Online

  Brill's New Pauly Online

  Oxford Bibliographies - Classics

  Oxford Handbooks Online: Classical Studies

  Cambridge Histories Online (Cambridge University Press)

  Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World (Wiley-Blackwell)

  Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics (Cambridge University Press)

  Brill's Companions to Classical Studies (Brill)

Books & Book Chapters

Much of the scholarly literature in the field is published in books which are often referred to as monographs. Find books in the Library’s collection with a Books & Media search. Start with keywords that describe your topic and use the hyperlinked subjects in the book records to reduce and focus search results. Notice facets such as topic and language which will further narrow results. Subject searches can significantly increase or decrease the number of results. For a more comprehensive review of the literature consult WorldCat and use the integrated Borrow from other libraries feature to request books which are not locally available.

  Books & Media

  WorldCat (FirstSearch)


  EZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan

Library of Congress Subjects

Experiment with keyword and subject searches for better results. Keywords are pulled from anywhere in the catalog record including the table of contents while subject terms are limited to the Library of Congress (LC) subject thesaurus. LC subjects can help with the discovery of books missed with a keyword search. For example, a simple keyword search for women and antiquity brings up a list with close to 400 matching publications. A closer look at the record for Women in Antiquity: Real Women Across the Ancient World reveals the hyperlinked LC subject “Women – History – To 500” which pulls up a different and much shorter list which in turn leads to the discovery of the Companion to Women in the Ancient World, an important work that was not part of the first list because the keyword antiquity does not occur in its catalog record.

Journal Articles

The Library subscribes to many classical studies journals including The Journal of Roman Studies, Greece and Rome, The Classical Quarterly, The Classical World, and Classical Antiquity. Use the E-Journal Finder or the Articles & more search option on the Library’s website to look up known references. Request articles from journals that are not part of the Library's collections through interlibrary loan. The journal databases listed here index the contents of most if not all classical studies journals and are by far the best tools to discover articles published in these journals.

  Année Philologique: Bibliography of the Classical World (Brepols)


  TOCS-IN (University of Toronto)

  Articles & More Search

Journal Title Abbreviations

Confused by journal title abbreviations in references? They are common in the classical studies literature and the two abbreviations lists below will be helpful in figuring out the full names of cited journals.

Primary Sources

Discover primary sources through the Books & Media search option on the Library’s website. The Library’s collections include numerous transcribed and annotated primary source editions as well as facsimile editions of primary sources. Author and subject searches are particularly helpful. Use WorldCat to expand your search and ask for assistance if needed.

  Books & Media

  Loeb Classical Library (Harvard University Press)

  Lacus Curtius: Greek and Roman Authors

  Perseus Digital Library

  Perseus Project Texts

  Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome (Fordham University)

Maps, Atlases, & Gazetteers

  Pleiades: Gazetteer of Ancient Places

  Peripleo (Pelagios Network)

  Orbis: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World (Stanford University)

  Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations (Harvard University)

  Historical Atlas of the Ancient World

  Encyclopedia of Ancient History - Maps of the Ancient World (Wiley-Blackwell)

  Ancient World Mapping Center