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 To access PubMed, start at the library homepage, click Databases A-Z, and choose PubMed.


  Here is a search for articles on ethical aspects of end of life care for patients with Alzheimer's Disease or dementia.

 1.  Type your search into the search box and click


                    Some details about this search:

     -- The connectors OR, AND must be typed in CAPS.
     -- alzheimer*  will retrieve Alzheimer, Alzheimer's, and Alzheimer's Disease.  Placing an asterisk(*) at the root of a word will retrieve all forms of the word. Another example: diabet*  -- This will retrieve diabetes, diabetic, and diabetics.
     -- Use parentheses for terms connected by OR:  (alzheimer* OR dementia).

    --  Use quotation marks for terms composed of more than one word: "end of life".

 2.  At your results page, use PubMed filters to focus your results to articles on bioethics published in English.

      --   On search results page, click Show additional filters

      --   Place a check next to Languages and Subjects and click SHOW.


           You will now see language and subject options in the list of filters.  If you do not see Bioethics under the  category Subjects, click MORE.  Select Bioethics and click SHOW.


      Check off English and Bioethics.  Your results have now been filtered to bioethics articles on your topic published in English.


Locating full text of articles

1.  Click the article title.


2.  At the next screen, click Find it.


   3.  At the following screen look for the clickable ARTICLE link. This will retrieve the full text of the article.


If you see the message "Sorry, no holdings were found for this journal, " can request the item from interlibrary loan by clicking "Use ILLiad...."