CQ Electronic Library (Sage/CQ Press)
Includes a variety of resources for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs, particularly CQ Weekly, Congress and the Nation, CQ Researcher and Voting and Elections Collection.

  • CQ Magazine (from 1983-) provides searching by topic, page number, committee, "exact phrases or words," bill number, byline or reporter and by Boolean full-text and date searches. Detailed floor votes dating back to August 1983 are easily retrieved.
  • CQ Researcher Plus Archive (currently 1945-2004) - chronicles and provides analysis of legislative activity for each Congress. Provides a narrative of events on a particular issue in a specific Congress.
  • CQ Voting & Elections Collection (Sage/CQ Press) - Organized into six categories of presidential elections, congressional elections, gubernatorial elections, campaigns and elections, political parties and voters and demographics generally covering from 1789 to the present. Includes candidate and office histories, seat status and competition, special elections, maps, bibliographies, encyclopedic information, chronology, definitions and sources and web links. Supports scholarly research in political science, particularly American Government, campaigns and elections, Congress, the presidency, and American history.
  • CQ Vital Statistics on American Politics - Includes 11 chapters authored by scholars and over 230 tables and figures devoted to key subject areas such as elections and political parties, public opinion and voting, the media, the three branches of U.S. government, foreign, military and social and economic policy.
  • CQ Almanac - Coverage and analysis of U.S. Congressional legislation updated annually, covers from 1945, the 79th Congress, 1st session, to the current Congressional session.  Volumes can be searched using keywords or concepts across all years, Congresses and sessions, in a table of contents format by year, Congress and session or by pre-arranged topics within years or by decade.  The Policy Tracker feature allows users to follow vital legislative coverage over years and decades. The Series Appendix includes tables, charts and articles about floor votes, excerpted presidential messages, interest group ratings, public laws by year and Congress and floor voting participation tables, key vote tables and overviews. CQ Almanac Online is a good resource to accompany the popular CQ Press Voting and Elections collection.