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APA style & grammar guidelines, not a complete manual.

  Citation Resources Guide from Falvey
This guide is designed to provide you with assistance in citing sources when writing an academic paper. There are several different styles which format information differently. The citation style generally depends on the academic discipline involved.

  Villanova Writing Center
The Villanova Writing Center provides a comfortable atmosphere for your one-to-one session with a qualified tutor. Bring your paper, assignment, and an open mind and we'll do our best to help you improve your writing. Feel free to use our online resourceswriting guide or 30-Minute Workshop handouts. The Writing Center is located in room 210 Falvey Library, and you can book an appointment using our appointment scheduler.

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ZoteroBib is a website where you can create a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software.

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