More U.S. Census Information

Community Facts from American FactFinder
View a summary of key statistics by state, county, city, town, or ZIP code.

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)
The IPUMS ( National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS) provides free online access to summary statistics and GIS boundary files for U.S. censuses and other nationwide surveys from 1790 through the present. (PDF Introduction -

1940 U.S. Census Records
Full manuscript records from the 1940 Census made available by the National Archives. See the Getting Started section for information on locating records by enumeration district.

Ancestry Library Edition (for Census Manucripts)
You can use Ancestry to view Census manuscripts for years 1940 and earlier. In addition to searching by name, you can search for schedules (records) for areas of interest by using the browse function. First choose the year of the survey in the bottom right-hand corner, and then the area. To find enumeration district numbers by location, use the Unified Census ED Finder. Make sure to select the year of interest at the top.

U.S. Census Bureau
Census information about people & households, business & industry, geography, news, data tools, and fact finder resources

The Census Project
"The Census Project is a broad-based network of national, state, and local organizations that supports a fair and accurate 2020 Census and comprehensive American Community Survey (ACS — the modern version of the census “long form”). Our participating stakeholders represent a diverse range of American sectors that rely on objective data for decision-making and promote civic engagement: business and industry; civil rights advocates; state and local governments; social service agencies; researchers and scientific associations; planners; foundations; and nonprofits focused on housing, child and family welfare, education, transportation, and other vital services."

 More Data Mapping Platforms

Community Commons
Mapping & table generation tool for U.S. data related to the economy, education, environment, equity, food, & health. Requires free registration.

Eurostat Regional Yearbook Atlas Viewer
Mapping tool for the Eurostat Regional Yearbook for 2013 through the most recent available data.

ESRI Business Analyst Online  Tutorial  Access Instructions
Provides geographic analysis tools. Includes demographic, consumer spending, and business data.
Access courtesy of the Department of Geography & the Environment.

A variety of other data mapping platforms are available from organizations and agencies that collect data or do advocacy work using statistics, so depending on your topic, geography, and time period of interest, you may find mapping tools that will allow you to find and visually represent data of interest. Feel free to get in touch with your librarians to inquire about finding an appropriate mapping platform!

Map Your Own Data

A range of software exists to help you work with geographic information systems and map your own data. Factors to consider when choosing software include:

  • data formats
  • how much you need to customize your map's appearance
  • what, if any, analysis you need to perform
  • whether you need to keep your data private

Options include:

  • Google MyMaps:
     Shows data on a Google Maps interface, with limited customization options
  • ArcGIS Online:
     These are the instructions for ESRI Business Analyst, but you can also use the ArcGIS Online platform with imported data.