Competitor Analysis

As a US publicly traded company, finding financial data and analysis on Apple is a straightforward endeavor.

  • Read the 10K
  • Browse the company web site for product & positioning insights, press releases, and corporate initiatives
  • Get independent company profiles
  • Get conference call transcipts
  • Get independently reported trade & business news, analysis and opinions

Samsung Electronics, Ltd is not a US company.  It is a public company traded on the Korean and London stock exchanges.  It is a subsidiary of the private Samsung Group, so a 10K is not filed with the SEC.  Some of our company profile databases coverage only extends to US public companies.

Company Profiles

These databases all provide independent overviews of public companies.  Be alert to links to news, company press releases, earnings call transcripts.  NetAdvantage and Mornsingstar also offer analysts recommendations.

  Data Axle Reference Solutions (Formerly Reference USA)
Use the Onesource Module to search by company name.  Links to news and transcripts.  Summaries of strategic initiatives and SWOT analysis

  MarketLine Company Profiles (EBSCO)
Well liked for their SWOT analysis.

  Value Line Investment Survey
Strong for technical financial analysis

  Morningstar Investment Research Center
Morningstar Investment Research Center is also a great source for company data and analyst reports.  Links to conference calls.

  Lexis Nexis Academic  Limitations on Use
Use the Get Company Information search to link to corporate affiliations (tree), news, merger & acquisition reports, legal issues and intellectual property filings

Category Analysis

Depending on the tack you take you may need to search for categories broader (consumer electronics), or adjacent (app development, wireless service providers, wearable technology) to mobile/smart/cellular/handheld phones.

The market research & industry reports will provide some coverage if not directly for smart phones, related to them.

  Mintel Insights & Analytics  Limitations on Use
Register with your Villanova email address and simply search by keyword.

  Gartner  Limitations on Use
Gartner is a leading information technology research provider. Gartner offers market statistics and forecasts for hardware, software, communications, IT services and semiconductors. Additionally there are reports and case studies by IT topic and by industry. Subscription courtesy of Villanova UNIT. Not all content included in academic subscription.

  Passport (Euromonitor International)  Limitations on Use
Explore Industry, Consumer Electronics, Portable Electronics to get to Mobile Phones.  Use the keyword search on the upper right corner to browse articles, infographics and opinions on smartphones or related topics.

Browse the reports, news, interviews and data for smartphones in the Mobile Devices category.

Essential Research & Updated Info

In each of the research categories listed, only specialized business databases are included.  If you are not already familiar with them, now is the time to use our two general purpose business databases (ABI Inform and Business Source Premier and Lexis-Nexis).  These databases provide access to business magazines, trade news and scholarly publications as well as industry, company and country reports.

Search them for the lastest news about companies and industries.

Search them to find out about trends.

Search them to find practitioner advice and recommendations.

Take advantage of their APA citation generation features to save time and effort.

  ABI/INFORM Complete (ProQuest)

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)