Villanova's Falvey University Library is dedicated to supporting its faculty and the pursuit of Open Access publishing. Here is a list of University sponsored Open Access support inititiatives:

  • Funding for OA publication: Funding for Open Access publication is available through the Scholarship Open Access Reserve (SOAR) fund. Faculty, students, and staff affiliated with Villanova can apply for funding. 

  • The Subvention of Publication Program supports scholarly material such as books or monographs of the highest quality that have been accepted at competitive university presses or other comparable publishing houses. ​​​​​Cases where there are high publishing costs due to art, illustrations, photo inserts, and other expensive production elements are considered good candidates. ​​

The Library also hosts several open access journals on the OJS system. 

In addition, Villanova supports Open Access to educational resources (OER). Students and faculty can learn more here: 

  • The Affordable Materials Project (AMP) is an initiative spearheaded by Falvey Library, the Villanova bookstore, CASA, and the Office of the Provost. This project works to "provide faculty with resources and options for selecting high quality, affordable course materials and creating awareness of affordable options for obtaining course materials." 

  • When possible, the library will acquire electronic editions of required course texts. Unfortunately, many textbook publishers will not license to libraries. While this program is not truly open access, it does help ease students' financial burden.

  • The Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning has instituted a mini-grant program for full time faculty to assist in new and innovative instructional approaches, including those that incorporate OER. 

  • See the Open Access and Freely Available Resources Guide for more information and resources.