The phrase "business case" can refer to a research method, approach to solving a practical business problem or a teaching method.  This guide focuses on tips and tools for writing, teaching with and finding business cases used as pedagogical tools or learning objects.

Case Method Teaching & Learning

This is a list of ebooks and articles on teaching with business cases and writing business cases for teachers and students.

Tools for Finding Business Cases

This guide lists tools beyond Harvard Business Publishing cases, emphasizing subscribed content and open access or freely accessible business cases.

  Business Case Studies
Business cases through a U.K. lens.

  CLEO Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership

  Georgetown University Case Studies Library
Cases on globalization, international trade & foreign aid. Cases moderately priced.

  Journal of Business Case Studies

  Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases

  MIT Learning Edge Teaching Business Case Studies


  MENA Journal of Business Case Studies
Offers open access peer reviewed international business case studies focused on the MENA region. Cooperative publication by Khazindar Business Research and Case Center and the American University in Cairo.

Cases related to sustainability in management, entrepreneurship and finance.

  Sage Business Cases  Limitations on Use  Access Instructions
Our subscription covers cases from 2016-2018.

  SHRM Case Studies
Society for Human Resource Management cases.

  The Case Center: Free Cases

  The Case Center
Browse and buy cases & coursepacks from top business case publishers (INSEAD, Harvard, Darden, Stanford, Ivey & others).

  The Case Journal (Emerald Insight)
We do not currently subscribe. Browse, search and request via Interlibrary Loan. Let your librarians know if you think we need a subscription.

  William Davidson Institute Publishing
Affiliated with the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Topics across the business curriculum, register for inspection copy. Most cases modestly priced.

  University of British Columbia Open Case Studies
Few related to business and economics.

  HSTalks: The Business & Management Collection
Video cases

  Ted Rogers Leadership Center Cases (Ryerson University)
Free cases in long and short form.

  Daniels Ethics Business Cases (University of New Mexico)
Free ethical business dilemma cases with discussion questions.

article databases

Business cases are published in books, business journals and on open access platforms.  Finding them can be challenging due to inconsistent indexing.  Most indexing is self selected by authors and quality control efforts are minimal.  Authors may misapply controlled vocabulary for business cases to research using a case methodology.  Distinguishing between articles that are business cases and article about business cases is time consuming.  Nevertheless searching for keywords "cases" or "simulations" is sometimes fruitful.

The following databases provide access to journals that occasionally publish business cases.

  ABI/INFORM Collection (ProQuest)
Choose document type, "case study" or keyword search for "teaching case" and limit to source type, "scholarly journals."

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Search subject "case method (teaching)" or "case study". Note that many of the articles retrieved will be about the case study research method.

Search for the subject "case method (teaching technique)"

Open Educational Resources

Business cases can be found as standalone OER or as features or chapters of books. The search engines listed below  allow filtering for standalone OER.  To find business cases embedded in textbooks, browse textbook contents.

Brows, Materials, Filter by Material Type "Case Study" or "Simulation", Filter by Discipline

  OER Commons
Search by keyword for topic, filter by material type "case study"