Keep the following factors in mind when looking for film reviews:

  • When looking for reviews (especially of older films) it is useful to know the premiere date. Sources that can be helpful in determining the date are IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and the All Movie Guide.
  • Movie reviews generally are published when a film premieres nationally or opens locally. Additional reviews may be published once a film moves to a streaming service or is available on DVD.
  • Reviews of current films are usually easier to find. For older films (prior to 1980) you may need to check a number of sources including those in print.
  • Film reviews may be written by entertainment reporters and published in newspapers & magazines, or may be user-generated and uploaded to websites by film viewers. You may want to take in account who is writing the review.

 Reviews of contemporary films (1980-forward)

 Reviews Pre-1980s Films


Film Literature Index (print)
Index to print reviews in magazines and journals. Covers 1973-2004.
Old Falvey (Request at Service Desk): PN1993 .F54

Retrospective Index to Film Periodicals, 1930-1971 (print)
Indexes articles in film periodicals published between 1930-1971.
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