Library of Congress call numbers should be read one line at a time, as follows:

  • Line 1 --- DA
  • Line 2 --- 36
  • Line 3 --- A777


Line 1: Arrangement of Line 1 is alphabetical.



Line 2: Within the DAs, the arrangement of Line 2 is by whole numbers, as in counting.



Line 3: Within the DA 36s, arrangement of line 3 is first alphabetical, and then numerical; however, the number in line 3 is read as a decimal rather than a whole number.



These rules do not vary. If you apply them and still do not find the material you need, here are some follow-up actions:

  • Look on carrels and tables nearby - another user may have left the books there.
  • Return to the catalog and double check the call number - you may have miscopied it.
  • Ask the Service Desk - the item may be checked out. You can request the book from another library. 

[Copied with permission of the University of Richmond Libraries.]