Finding articles is usually a two-step process:

1. Use a database to identify an article.

  • Choose a broad subject area that includes your topic. Most library subject guides correspond to academic departments.
  • Select one of the databases for this subject area. To do this, go to the Subject Guides page. Most land on pages with article databases.
  • Do a search on your topic. Often the full text of the article is available in the database in PDF or HTML format. If not ...
  • Click the Find It button findit.gif to see if the article you want is available full-text online elsewhere.

2. Not all journal and magazine articles are available online. If you do not see a link to full text when you click findit.gif, click the link for Catalog Search (Title) or Catalog Search (ISSN) to see if the Library owns the journal, magazine or newspaper in print.

  • If information is displayed for the journal, magazine or newspaper that contains your article, note the call number and location of the journal, magazine or newspaper. Check to see if Falvey has the year in which your article appears.
    • If the year you need is listed as "Recent Issues," go to periodical shelving, located at the back of the 1st floor, and look for your issue by call number on the current-issues shelves.
    • If the year you need is listed as "Bound Volumes, Garey Hall - Ask At Circulation," complete the Journal Retrieval/Document Delivery Request Form.
    • Alternately you may use the ILL Request Form for items in Garey Hall or Remote Storage, but this option may take somewhat longer.
  • If you click the Catalog Search link and you see the message "Your search resulted in no hits!" then the Library does not own the journal, magazine or newspaper that you need. You may request the article from another library through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) using the ILL Request Form.
  • If you need help determining whether the Library owns the issue you need or it's location, ask the Research Support Department.