This guide provides an introduction to Voyant Tools, an open-source, web-based application for performing text and data mining. Developed by Stéfan Sinclair at McGill University and Geoffrey Rockwell at the University of Alberta, Voyant Tools was created to support scholarly reading and interpretation of texts.

Created with digital humanities scholars in mind, Voyant Tools provides lightweight text analytics such as word frequency lists, frequency distribution plots, and KWIC (Key Word in Context) analysis. To learn more about Voyant Tools, please visit the Voyant Tools repository on GitHub or the Voyant Tools Help Guide.

  Getting Started

  Acceptable File Formats

  Uploading Texts


  Step 1: Uploading your corpus

  Step 2: Voyant Tools Interface

  Step 3: Word Clouds and Stopwords

  Step 4: Trends and Frequency of Words

  Step 5: Search Queries

  Step 6: Words in Context

  Step 7: Examining Collocates

  Step 8: Embedding Voyant Tools

  Step 9: Exporting Images from Voyant Tools

  Step 10: Voyant Tools Resources