When you search the library's website or one of the databases below you are searching hundreds of different journals for articles that match the search terms you have chosen to use.

However, sometimes you may wish to find a specific article, or browse a specific journal. You can do this using Journal Finder.

Search For and Browse a Journal

To search for a specific Journal simply type in the title, a keyword from the title, the ISSN, or ISBN into the search box and Search.

search J.png

Your results should look something like this


You will notice that there are multiple links to access one journal, that is because we have access to this journal through multiple databases. What you need to pay attention to are the dates preceding the links. These dates indicate coverage. So for example if you you wanted to browse current issues of PMLA shown above you would want to click on the for "Modern Language Association Journals," which covers 2002 to the present. If you wanted to browse older issues you would instead click the link for "JSTOR Early Journal Content" which covers 1889-1922. 

After decide which link you want to click based on the coverage dates you will be taken to a page that looks something like this.

J Vol.png

Typically, there will be years which you can expand or minimize and then individual volumes and issues which you can then click on and view the individual articles in a given issue or volume of a journal. 

Finding an Article using DOI

Most scientific articles have a digital object identifier (DOI), you can copy the DOI into the search bar and quickly search for that specific article.
More information about DOIs

Search DOI.png

Finding an Article WITHOUT a DOI

Many humanities articles do not have DOIs so you will need to search using the title of the article. 

First identify the title of the article. 


Then copy and past that title into the search bar which you will see on all pages of the library's website. Make sure to select either the more general search "Articles & More" OR the more specific "Article Title"
article search.png

The article you are looking for should appear as one of the top results if we have access to it. 

However, if we do not have it digitally you can search to see if other libraries have access to it and request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). To do this, go the to right hand side of the screen under "Refine Results," and UNCHECK  the box for "exclude articles at other libraries."

ILL search.png

This will allow you to see articles which we do not have immediate access to, but which you can request through ILL. If you see the article you are looking for click the "Find It" button. 
find it.png

Then click "Request this item through interlibrary loan."
ill re.png

Login using the login you use for everything at Villanova, fill out any missing required fields in the form you will see and then hit "Submit"