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MagillOnLiterature Plus (EBSCO)

This page details a specific electronic resource that has been indicated by Villanova Librarians as useful in conducting research.

MagillOnLiterature Plus (EBSCO)
MagillOnLiterature Plus is comprised of approximately 35,000 records, more than 5,000 images, and has a glossary of 1,100 literary terms. Provides access to editorially reviewed critical analyses, brief plot summaries, and extended character profiles covering works by more than 8,500 long and short fiction writers, poets, dramatists, essayists, and philosophers. MagillOnLiterature Plus also contains over 15,000 biographical essays on more than 2,500 different authors, including up-to-date lists of each author's principal works


Last Modified: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011