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Political Elites in Mexico, 1900-1971: Online Data Archive

This page details a specific electronic resource that has been indicated by Villanova Librarians as useful in conducting research.

Political Elites in Mexico, 1900-1971: Online Data Archive
The Political Elites in Mexico, 1900-1971 dataset is typically used by researchers who are familiar with statistical software programs such as SPSS or SAS. These programs are used to analyze the data and determine statistical patterns.This dataset contains information on the political office holder's sex, birthplace, profession/occupations, military service, date and place of birth and death, father's occupation, education (preparation, length, attainment, specialization, foreign training), travel abroad, intellectual activities (publications, teaching), political affiliation, political offices held and length of stay, activity during the revolution of 1910-1920, geographical entity represented, memberships in political and other organizations.


Last Modified: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011