Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics (Cambridge University Press)
Written by experts and designed for the general reader, the Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics collection offers over 2000 comprehensive and accessible essays on major authors, periods and genres. For the author Companions, each writer is placed in literary and historical context; their major works are analyzed, either in separate chapters or grouped according to theme, and their influence on later writers assessed. The generic and topical Companions cover periods of English literature such as Old English or the Victorian Novel, and literary genres such as Modernism or Greek Tragedy, giving the reader vital contextual information about political, social, religious and artistic relationships. The Companions to Classical Civilisation examine key periods and aspects of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.

Pages that contain this Resource

ACS Moderns - ACS 1001 - Edward Lis

Age of Augustus - Andrew Scott

Ancient Greek History - HIS 1250 / HIS 3011 - Eliza Gettel


Classical Studies

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.

Dictionary & Encyclopedia etc.

History of Greek Literature - CLA 8000 / GRK 7250 - Alissa Vaillancourt

Identity and Difference - ENG 1975 - Ellen Bonds


Spanish Research Seminar - SPA 3970 - Adriano Duque

The Literary Experience - ENG 1050 - Mary Fattori

The Roman Empire - HIS 3017 - Eliza Gettel

Ways of Reading: Lit Analysis - ENG 2250 - Michael Berthold