Silius Italicus, Brill's companion to

Silius Italicus, Brill's companion to
Table of Contents:

  • Silius Italicus, a Flavian poet / Antony Augoustakis
  • To Silius through Livy and his predecessors / Arthur Pomeroy
  • Silius Italicus : a consular historian? / Bruce Gibson
  • Virgil's Dido and the heroism of Hannibal in Silius' Punica / Randall T. Ganiban
  • Imitation and the hero / Elizabeth Kennedy Klaassen
  • Silius and Lucan / Raymond Marks
  • Interplay : Silius and Statius in the games of Punica 16 / Helen Lovatt
  • Silius and the tradition of exemplary heroism
  • Hercules as a paradigm of Roman heroism / Paolo Asso
  • Virtue and narrative in Silius Italicus' Punica / Ben Tipping
  • The shield and the sword : Q. Fabius Maximus and M. Claudius Marcellus as models of heroism in Silius' Punica / Marco Fucecchi
  • Fons Cuncti Varro Mali : the demagogue Varro in Punica 8-10 / Enrico M. Ariemma
  • Ekphrasis and imagery
  • Picturing the future again : proleptic ekphrasis in Silius' Punica / Stephen J. Harrison
  • Silius' natural history : tides in the Punica / Eleni Manolaraki
  • Virtual epic : counterfactuals, sideshadowing, and the poetics of contingency in the Punica / Robert Cowan
  • Gender
  • Engendering orientalism in Silius' Punica / Alison M. Keith
  • Epic and society
  • Family and state in the Punica / Neil W. Bernstein
  • Silius Italicus in the Italian Renaissance / Frances Muecke
  • The reception of Silius Italicus in modern scholarship / William J. Dominik.

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