Aphrodite, Brill's companion to

Aphrodite, Brill's companion to
Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Flourishing Aphrodite : an overview / Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge
  • Budding Aphrodite : into the future / Sadie Pickup and Amy C. Smith
  • Part I: Aphrodite's identity
  • Aphrodite : the goddess of appearances / Vered Lev Kenaan
  • O quam te memorem, virgo? Interpreting Venus in Aeneid 1.314-417 / James Burbidge
  • Aphrodite enoplion / Stephanie L. Budin
  • Rethinking Aphrodite as a goddess at work / Gabriella Pironti
  • Part II: Aphrodite's companions and relations
  • The song of Ares and Aphrodite : asertu on skheria / Annette Teffeteller
  • Father-daughter dynamics in the Iliad : the role of Aphrodite in defining Zeus' regime / Kassandra Jackson
  • Part III: The spread of Aphrodite's cults
  • Images of cypriot Aphrodite in her sanctuaries during the age of the city-kingdoms / Anja Ulbrich
  • Aphrodite on the Akropolis : evidence from attic pottery / Elisabetta Pala
  • Aphrodite and the fleet in classical Athens / Chryssanthi Papadopoulou
  • Encountering the world of Aphrodite on the western Greek mainland / Alexander Nagel
  • The architectural setting of the Knidian Aphrodite / Sophie Montel
  • Interactive Aphrodite : Greek responses to the idea of Aphrodite as ancestress of the Romans / Jenny Wallensten
  • Part IV: The reception of the goddess
  • Augustan Aphrodites : the allure of Geek art in Roman visual culture / Rachel Kousser
  • Aphrodite and the spectacle of the amphitheatre in Roman Africa / Margherita Carucci
  • Aphrodite in late antique and medieval Byzantium / Anthousa Papagiannaki
  • Aphrodite deconstructed : Botticelli's Venus and Mars in the National Gallery, London / David Bellingham
  • Reflections in a mirror : Bonnard's Aphrodite / Anna Gruetzner Robins.

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