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Cicero: Oratory and rhetoric, Brill's companion to

Cicero: Oratory and rhetoric, Brill's companion to

Table of Contents:

  • Cicero: His Life and Career / James M. May
  • Rhetorical Education in Cicero's Youth / Anthony Corbeill
  • Ciceronian Oratory in Context / James M. May
  • Cicero's Early Speeches / Ann Vasaly
  • Cicero's Consular Speeches / Robert W. Cape, Jr.
  • The Post Reditum Speeches / Andrew M. Riggsby
  • Ciceronian Invective / Anthony Corbeill
  • Cicero's Caesarian Orations / Harold C. Gotoff
  • The Philippics / Jon Hall
  • The Lost and Fragmentary Orations / Jane W. Crawford
  • The Intellectual Background of Cicero's Rhetorical Works / Jakob Wisse
  • De Oratore: Rhetoric, Philosophy, and the Making of the Ideal Orator / Jakob Wisse
  • Brutus: The History of Roman Eloquence / Emanuele Narducci
  • Orator and the Definition of the Ideal Orator / Emanuele Narducci
  • Cicero's Partitiones Oratoriae and Topica: Rhetorical Philosophy and Philosophical Rhetoric / Robert N. Gaines
  • Cicero's Oratorical and Rhetorical Legacy / George A. Kennedy
  • A Survey of Selected Recent Work on Cicero's Rhetorica and Speeches / Christopher P. Craig
  • Bibliography / Christopher P. Craig.


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