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Propertius, Brill's companion to

Propertius, Brill's companion to

Table of Contents:

  • Propertius : the history of Propertian scholarship
  • The history of Propertian scholarship / Paolo Fedeli
  • The transmission of the text of Propertius / James Butrica
  • Propertian textual criticism and editing / Richard Tarrant
  • Propertius and the origins of Latin love-elegy / Francis Cairns
  • Propertius and Hellenistic poetry / Adrian Hollis
  • Propertius and the neoterics / Peter Knox
  • Major themes and motifs in Propertius' love poetry / Robert Maltby
  • The image of woman in Propertius' poetry / Elaine Fantham
  • Propertius and rhetoric / Tobias Reinhard
  • The first book / Gesine Manuwald
  • The second book / Hans Peter Syndikus
  • The third book : defining a poetic self / Kevin Newman
  • The fourth book / Hans-Christian Gu?nther
  • The reception of Propertius in Late Antiquity and neolatin and renaissance literature / Simona Gavinelli
  • The reception of Propertius in the Modern Age : Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Ro?manische elegien and Ezra Pound's Homage to Sextus Propertius / Bernhard Zimmermann.


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