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Ovid, Brill's companion to

Ovid, Brill's companion to

Table of Contents:

  • Ovid and the Augustan milieu / Peter White
  • Ovid's language and style / E.J. Kenney
  • The Amores: the invention of Ovid / Barbara Weiden Boyd
  • The Heroides: elegiac voices / Peter E. Knox
  • Praecepta amoris: Ovid's didactic elegy / Patricia Watson
  • The Fasti: style, structure, and time / John F. Miller
  • Ovid's Fasti: politics, history, and religion / Elaine Fantham
  • Sources and genres in Ovid's Metamorphoses 1-5 / Alison Keith
  • Narrative techniques and narrative structures in the Metamorphoses / Gianpiero Rosati
  • The house of fame: Roman history and Augustan politics in Metamorphoses 11-15 / Garth Tissol
  • Ovid's exilic poetry: worlds apart /Gareth Williams
  • Siquid habent ueri uatum praesagia: Ovid in the 1st-5th centuries A.D. / Michael Dewar
  • Ovid in the Middle Ages: exile, mythographer, lover / Ralph Hexter
  • Manuscript traditions and the transmission of Ovid's works / John Richmond.


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