Greek and Latin pastoral, Brill's companion to

Greek and Latin pastoral, Brill's companion to
Table of Contents:

  • The herdsman in Greek thought / K. Gutzwiller
  • Bucolic singers of the short song : lyric and elegaic reconances in Theocritus' bucolic idylls / B. Acosta-Hughes
  • How bucolic are Theocritus bucolic singers? / R. Pretagostini
  • Magic, medicine and eros in the prologue to Theocritus' Id / C.A. Faraone
  • Ptolemaic pastoral / S.A. Stephens
  • Is there urban pastoral? The case of Theocritus, Id / N. Krevans
  • Epigram at the margins of pastoral / A. Sens
  • The idea of bucolic in the imitators of Theocritus, 3rd-1st century BC / H. Bernsdorff
  • Continuity and change in Greek bucolic between Theocritus and virgil / J.D. Reed
  • Theocritus' constructive interpreters, and the creation of a bucolic reader / M. Fantuzzi
  • Virgil's Ecl. I and the origins of pastoral / R. Hunter
  • Cultural and historical narratives in Virgil's Eclogues and Lucretius / P. Hardie
  • Panegyric in Virgil's bucolics / R.R. Nauta
  • Time and textuality in the book of the Eclogues / B.W. Breed
  • Friends, foes, frames and fragments : textuality in Virgil's Eclogues / T.D. Papanghelis
  • Music for monsters : Ovid's metamorphoses, bucolic evolution, and bucolic criticism / A. Barchiesi
  • A dream shattered? Pastoral anxieties in Senecan drama / A. Schiesaro
  • Latin pastoral after Virgil / R. Mayer
  • Bucolic tradition and poetic programme in Calpurnius Siculus / E. Magnelli
  • The pastoral novel and the bucolic tradition / M Di Marco
  • Virgil, Longus, and the Pipes of Pan / T.K. Hubbard
  • The drama of pastoral in Nonnus and Colluthus / B. Harries
  • The pastoral in Byzantium / J.B. Burton.

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