Lexikon der Katholischen Dogmatik, 2nd ed.

Lexikon der Katholischen Dogmatik, 2nd ed.
A German-language reference work arranged alphabetically, it has entries on topics of dogmatic theology viewed from a particularly Catholic perspective. It does not address topics in moral, historical or pastoral theology. It includes over 50 tables and charts that make it a practical tool for graduate-level theological studies. A slightly revised English edition was later produced. However, The Handbook of Catholic Theology was faulted by some reviewers. "Generally helpful in updating the original material and relating it to North America, the new articles occasionally lapse into overly politically correct generalizations that do not compare well with the accurate and well-researched statements found in the over 300 original entries." - G. O'Collins, Handbook of Catholic Theology, America, 175, 29, Dec. 7, 1996.

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Systematic and Fundamental Theology