Alexander the Great, Brill's companion to

Alexander the Great, Brill's companion to
Table of Contents:

  • The ancient evidence for Alexander the Great / Elizabeth Baynham
  • Alexander in Greek and Roman art / Andrew Stewart
  • Alexander, Philip, and the Macedonian background / Ian Worthington
  • Alexander and the Greeks / Michele Faraguna
  • Alexander: the military campaign / Barry S. Strauss
  • The Indian campaigns, 327-325 BC / A. Brian Bosworth
  • Alexander, and the Persians / Maria Brosius
  • King and "Companions:" Observations on the nature of power in the reign of Alexander / Waldemar Heckel
  • Women in Alexander's court / Elizabeth D. Carney
  • Alexander's religion and divinity / Ernst Fredricksmeyer
  • Honor in Alexander's campaign / Joseph Roisman
  • The legacy of Alexander in ancient philosophy / Richard Stoneman
  • Alexander the Great and the Macedonian conflict / Loring M. Danforth.

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