Lucan, Brill's companion to

Lucan, Brill's companion to
Table of Contents:

  • Author. A controversial life / Elaine Fantham ; The bellum civile as a roman epic / Joseph D. Reed ; Internal evidence for the completeness of the Bellum Civile / Jonathan Tracy.
  • Intertexts-contexts-texts. Shipwrecked "Argonauticas" / Jacki Murray ; The Bellum Civile as an anti-aeneid / Sergio Casali ; Ovid in Lucan: the poetics of instability / Alison Keith ; Lucan's elegiac moments / Ruth R. Caston ; Noscendi Nilum Cupido: the nile digression in book 10 / Eleni Manolaraki.
  • Civil warriors. Sine funeris ullo ardet honore rogus: burning pyres in lucan and silius italicus' punica / Antony Augoustakis ; Lucan's cato and the poetics of exemplarity / J. Mira Seo ; Terrible manliness?: Lucan's cato / Ben Tipping ; Partisans in civil war / Marco Fucecchi ; The Dead and their ghosts in the Bellum Civile: Lucan's visions of history / Neil W. Bernstein.
  • Civil war themes. Lucan's Bellum Civile: a specimen of a Roman "Literature of Trauma" / Christine Walde ; Lucan and historical bias / Shadi Bartsch ; Lucan the formalist / Robert Sklena?r? ; Crime in Lucan and statius / Randall Ganiban ; Envy and fame in Lucan's Bellum civile / Sean Easton ; Memoria Redux: memory in Lucan / Mark Thorne ; And then it rained shields: Revising nature and roman myth / Paolo Asso ; Lucan's Poetic geographies: center and periphery in civil war epic / Micah Y. Myers ; Social relations in Lucan's Bellum Civile / Neil Coffee.
  • Reception. The first biography of Lucan: Statius' silvae 2.7 / Carole Newlands ; Early and medieval scholia and commentaria on Lucan / Paolo Esposito ; Lucan in medieval latin: a survey of the bibliography / Edoardo D'Angelo ; Lucan at last: History, epic, and Dante's commedia / Simone Marchesi ; Lucan in the english renaissance / Philip Hardie ; Violence in translation / Susanna Braund ; Lucan's cato, Joseph Addison's cato, and the poetics of passion / Francesca D'Alessandro Behr.
  • Retrospective. In at the death / John Henderson.

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