Hesiod, Brill's companion to

Hesiod, Brill's companion to
Table of Contents:

  • Hesiod and the literary traditions of the Near East / Ian Rutherford
  • The poetry of the Theogony / Pietro Pucci
  • Works and days : tracing the path to Arete / Jenny Strauss Clay
  • The Hesiodic Corpus / Ettore Cingano
  • Poetry and poetics in the Hesiodic Corpus / Christos Tsagalis
  • The language of Hesiod and the Corpus Hesiodicum / Albio Cesare Cassio
  • Hesiod's narrative / Antonios Rengakos
  • Callimachus Hesiodicus revisited / Evina Sistakou
  • Hesiod's style : towards an ancient analysis / Richard Hunter
  • Hesiod and the ancient biographical traditions / Gregory Nagy
  • Ancient scholarship on Hesiod / Franco Montanari
  • The Latin reception of Hesiod / Gianpiero Rosati.

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