Linking to Falvey Library Resources in Google Scholar

At the Google Scholar homepage (, sign in and then click the hamburger bar  in the upper left-hand corner, to the left of My profile.  

google scholar home.JPG


In the expanded menu, click on Settings.

google scholar menu













At the Scholar Settings screen, click Library Links.



Type "Villanova" into the search box and click the search icon.



Check off the options that will be displayed for Villanova.  Then click SAVE.



When you do a search, look for the link Click here for full text in your search results.  This indicates that the full text of the article is available through a Falvey Library subscription.



At the next screen, look for the Full Text Online button and click it.

Full Text Online Button

If you don't see a Full Text Online button, use the button or link for  Get A Scan to request a copy of the article from our ILL system.


In some cases the link may appear under the citation and read "Resources @ My Library" but the function will be the same.


When you do need to check the library’s electronic holdings for a journal, the best approach is usually to do a search in the Journal Finder.  We also have a quick video tutorial to demonstrate that process:

Showing Export Links for EndNote and Other Citation Managers

Go to Scholar Preferences in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

At the bottom of the list is a preference for Bibliography Manager. Select the slower button and choose your preferred citation manager from the dropdown box.


Dont' forget to save your preferences with the button at the bottom.

Using the Gateway

If you are using Google to link to library resources off-campus, you will be prompted to log in through Villanova’s proxy at some point.  Exactly where this occurs may vary by publisher.  If you run into problems authenticating, use the Villanova secure gateway to connect to the network.  This makes it work as though you were on campus.