The ORCID identifier, often called an ORCID iD is a persistent digital identifier that helps distinguish your academic output (articles, data sets, etc.) It provides a single number that can be shared across social/professional/academic networks allowing other to easily locate and see your entire research opus.

Many publishers, granting organizations, and vendors are using ORCID iDs to uniquely identify researchers. This helps you integrate into their systems and get credit for your work.


The initial registration process id quick and easy and can be completed here

There is one particularly important aspects of the registration process: Visibility options. Researchers who just want to use ORCID to track their own research production should choose the "only me" visibility option. If you wish to selectively share your ID, choose "trusted parties". If you wish to have your research open to the public and fully searchable/discoverable by others, choose "Everyone"



Following your registration, it is important to provide as much research/biographical information as you are comfortable with in order to facilitate searches by other scholars. there are a number of categories that allow you to showcase the information you find important.


Sharing ORCID

It is important to share your information to popular sites and social networks. The display options on the left side of the screen allow you to create an embeddable link for your websites, A printable record for handouts, or a scannable QR code. 


More information about ORCID

The ORCID website includes an extensive collection of tutorials and informational resources.

If you have any questions or concerns about ORCID, please contact