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The Academic Integrity Code is also in the Student Handbook under Academic Policies.


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More Information on Academic Integrity, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Writing College Papers

Villanova University academic departments and professors often require a particular style of documentation that is different from the general advice given in this Gateway about citing in various disciplines. Students should check with their professors to determine the specific style of documentation their professors prefer.

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  • Essential parts of a citation: Before you can format a citation correctly, you need to recognize the essential elements
  • Paraphrasing: How do I borrow from a source without plagiarizing?
  • Common knowledge: Everybody knows that! (Or do they?)
  • MLA Citation: Try your hand at formatting in-text references and Works Cited entries according to MLA style, most often used in language and literature.
  • APA Citation: How well have you mastered the format for in-text citations and the list of references according to APA style, popular in nursing and the social sciences?

The purpose of the Academic Integrity Gateway is to create an online guide to help Villanova University students in their attempt to maintain academic honesty while abiding by acceptable scholarly practices. We hope it will become a major point of reference for faculty and librarians in their attempt to encourage high standards for student research and writing as they uphold the academic integrity policy of Villanova University.

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