Blogs come in a bewildering array of types based on media used, authorship (individual, journalistic, corporate or multi/mixed) and purpose.  While there certainly is variability in the quality of business blogs, they cannot be ignored as in important source for information and opinion. Before you use blog entries for research take time to identify the blog type.

  • Personal blogs are written by unaffiliated people about all matter of topics they are passionate about.
  • Corporate or Organizational blogs are written to enhance the organizations image or to manage public relations.
  • Moderated blogs accept submissions from range of interested parties and seek to be a forum for a variety of viewpoints.
  • Edited Journalistic blogs adhere to journalistic norms with regard to crediting sources, maintaining independance, striving for accuracy and quality presentation.
  • Traditional Journalistic blogs are hosted by media outlets fully committed to journalistic standards.

Use blogs judiciously. This NYT article on the business interests of TechCrunch's publisher discusses potential conflicts of a hightly influential blog.


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