Country profiles relevant to international business are not all created equal.  Some emphasize macroeconomic conditions, others concentrate on political and social developments whereas the scope of some reports may be limited to specific sectors.

Doing business reports summarize the salient regulations and conditions that influence doing business in a country such as taxation, labor conditions, trade barriers, corporation law, negotiation norms, and so forth.

 Country Profiles

  Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
Aggregator of reports from Business Monitor International, CountryWatch and IHS Global Insight. Search for target country using the drop down geographic terms and then limit to source type country reports.

  The World Factbook (CIA)
Profiles have sections on geography, government, economy, energy, communication, transportation, military, and transnational issues.

  Economist Intelligence Unit
Country reports have in-depth coverage of the economy and politics with forecasts.

  Global Edge
Free source from Michigan State that restates authoritative country information from reliable sources covering economy, history, government, risk, corporations and culture.

  Mergent Online  Limitations on Use
Right bottom screen had drop down for country profiles.  Profiles list and provide data tables for economic conditions, top industries, trade, finance, history and geography, people, government, communication, and transportation.

  OECD iLibrary
Reports and studies on energy, environment, employment, education, trade, taxation, finance, and social conditions for OECD countries and selected non-member countries.  Recommended to browse by theme and country.

  Passport (Euromonitor International)  Limitations on Use
Country and Consumer tab offers reports on the business environment, economy, finance, trade, industry, infrastructure, environment, & communication.  Uniquely strong in terms of reports on consumer lifestyles.

  Political Handbook of the World (Sage/CQ Press)
Comprehensive country profiles chronicling national history, government, and political parties, as well as profiles on intergovernmental organizations, development banks, and the agencies and specialized bodies of the United Nations.

 Doing Business Guides

Economist Intelligence Unit
Commerce reports are primers to doing business.

HLB International
Guides to doing business from a network of international accounting firms.

Passport (Euromonitor International)  Limitations on Use
Link to the search tab, check off Business Environment in Countries & Consumers tree, choose geography and limit to reports for Country Briefing.

U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library
Free registration required. Obtain  Country Commercial Guides for overview of doing business.

UHY Doing Business Guides
"Prepared by UHY’s member firms, each ‘Doing Business’ guide covers country specific business information you need to consider should you wish to pursue business interests there".

World Bank Doing Business
Data and reports on business regulation for regions, 189 nations and some subnational entities and cities.

 Country Statistics

China Data Online (China Marketing Research Co.)
Provides national, provincial, city, and regional data series including national accounts, prices, employment, income, industry, foreign trade, agriculture, construction, transportation, telecommunication, and education in monthly and annual time series.

Economist Intelligence Unit
Features a single unified platform delivering country and regional reports and comparable data for over 200 countries. Politics, economics, the business environment and sector and industries are explained and forecasts presented. The data tab delivers time series on national accounts, monetary, demographic, trade, employment, debt & spending indicators to name a few.

"Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level. By harmonising statistics from the European statistical system (ESS) to a single methodology, the statistics are made comparable"

Global Financial Data  Limitations on Use
Features historical data on worldwide stock exchanges, bond indices, intraday data, futures, interest rates, population, and much more. All data is clearly defined, easy to read, and can be readily exported into Excel.

IMF eLibrary Data
International Monetary Fund (IMF) statistics on Balance of Payments, International Financial Statistics, Government Finance Statistics and Direction of Trade Statistics. Time series are presented in browsable and searchable tree. Results may be downloaded in a variety of formats.

OECD Statistics
Provides comparable, time series data by country and topic.

Passport (Euromonitor International)  Limitations on Use
Use the Market Indicators and Forecasts module for comparable statistics.

United Nations Statistics
Global statistical information on economics, demographic, social indicators, environment, energy and Millennium Development Goals.

World Bank - DataBank  Tutorial
DataBank is an analysis and visualization tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics. You can create your own queries; generate tables, charts, and maps; and easily save, embed, and share them.