ESRI Business Analyst Online is a dynamic geographic information system (GIS) tool with rich underlying collections of demographic, consumer spending, consumer survey and market segmentation data.  Business students have used it for the following tasks.

  • Get pre-formatted reports on standard geographic demarkations
  • Get reports on user defined geographic areas (e.g. attributes of area within a 2 hours driving time from a specified location)
  • Find locations that meet specific criteria.
  • Rank locations by variables
  • Compare locations

The data ESRI maps is sourced from the following organizations

  • U.S. Census Bureau (American Community Survey, Decennial Census)
  • GfK MRI (market potential)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (spending)
  • Market Planning Solutions (traffic)
  • Directory of Major Malls
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • ESRI's Tapestry Segmentation


ESRI Business Analyst Online  and Community Analyst Online is brought to you courtesy of the Geography and Environment Dept. 

To access it you need to create a Arcgis Public Account using your Villanova email address. Notice that the public account creation is below the free trial sign up.  Email and she will add you to the Business Analyst Online and/or Community Analyst Online groups.  Look for an email to confirm the invitation from ArcGIS Notifications (it may land in your junk folder) This may take up to 3 days if over a weekend.  Log in to Business Analyst Online or Community Analyst Online with your Public Account. 

User names and passwords may be purged at the end of the academic year.


Use ESRI Business Analyst Online to create a color coded map showing concentration of many variables across demographic, consumer spending, consumer behavior and tapestry segmentation categories.


Use ESRI Business Analyst Online to generate a report on the characteristics of a chosen geographic area. In this example I show how to get a demographic & income profile for the people that live within 2 hours of Center City Philadelphia.

Smart Map Multiple Variables

This video demonstrates how to map areas that meet multiple criteria and download the results.