Provides a portal to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources. Topics covered include industries, media, companies, product categories, and countries. Link to Global Survey NEW on the top banner and Start Your Research

Why Use the Global Consumer Survey

  • Discover consumer attitudes and behaviors about shopping, media, services and products
  • Discover what features of products and services are important to consumers
  • Find out how often consumers engage in behaviors
  • Compare differences between consumers in 56 countries
  • See trends since 2018
  • Identify demographic characteristics of consumers
  • Define target customers and learn about their attitudes and behaviors
  • Find out what media to use to reach consumers in different countries

what is covered in the Global Consumer survey

The Global Consumer Survey is conducted in 56 countries.  Of these a basic survey is conducted in 21 countries and an extended survey is conducted in 35 countries.  Special topic surveys which dive deeply are also conducted in selected countries. The first surveys were taken in 2018.  Only consumers between 18 and 64 years of age with online access are surveyed.  The following broad topics are covered.

Marketing & Social Media, eCommerce & Retail, Food & Nutrition, Media, Internet & Devices, Mobility, Finance & Insurance, Health, Household Equipment, Travel, Services, Demographics

Landing Page Features & Functions

  • Search by keyword across the survey questions
  • Browse or drill down to see what survey questions are asked
  • Choose a predefined target consumer
  • Create or define a custom target consumer
  • Populate columns or targets with who you want to know about
  • Populate rows with what you want to know about 
  • Choose a country/territory
  • Choose the time period 
  • Use "toggle options" to compare countries or create a trend report (only available for targets) 
  • Download results


video of querying, cross tabulation & Building a Target