Getting Started:  Associations and Services

Kaufman Foundation Devoted to help individuals attain economic independance by advancing educational acheivement and entepreneural success. Comprehensive source for news, videos and contributed content.

SCORE Service Corp of Retired Executives offering free mentoring.

SME Toolkit Free resources from IBM and the World Bank enabling entepreneurs and small businesses to learn how to impliment sustainable business management practices needed for growth.

U.S. Small Business Administration Portal to government initiatives around start-ups and small businesses.

Entepreneur's Reference Guide to Small Business Information E-book from the Library of Congress

Business Plans

Business Plans Handbook

SBA Small Business Planner

Seven Steps to a Successful Business Plan

Harvard Business Review on Entrepreneurship

Search our Catalog for more books on writing a business plan. Browse the results to distinguish between practical guides and scholarly studies of business planning behaviors.   The following subject terms work:

  • Business Planning
  • New Business Enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business
  • Strategic planning

Some additional effective keywords:

  • Start-ups
  • New Ventures

Business Plan Competition Advice Videos (from Prendisimo)

Importance of Knowing How To Pitch Your Own Business and Not Worrying About Competition

Importance of Bring Creative In Your Pitch

Importance of Being Accurate In Business Plan Competition And Not Misrepresenting Information

Financials In Business Plans

Pitfalls In Business Plans

A Strong Business Plan Outlines Preparation for Contingencies

Thoughts On How He Evaluates Business Plans

Key Parts of Business Plan

Revenue Model In a Business Plan Should Be Succinct

Using Criticism To Strengthen Business Plan

You Have To Build Your Financials From The Bottom Up

Importance of Working Through Financials During Business Planning Process

Business Plan May Change But Thought Process Is Critical Before Launching Startup

Primary Marketing Research

Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Questionnaires Design

Focus Groups:  A Practical Guide for Applied Research

Ethnography for Marketers

Asking Questions the Definitive Guide to Questionnaire Design

To find additional "how to" books on conducting primary market research, try searching the following subjects in our Catalog:

  • Questionnaires
  • Social Sciences-Research
  • Social Surveys
  • Interviewing
  • Focused Group Interviewing
  • Social Sciences-Methodology

Free Online Survey Tools

These are some popular and free web survey tools.  The free versions don't have all the functionality of subscription access, but are still quite good.

SurveyMonkey  This is the one I've used with success....

Qualtrics VSB students can self register for a survey software account

Secondary Marketing Research

Secondary market research is data collected by someone else but useful for learning about your target market.  Typical secondary market research data include Census data, consumer surveys, and market research reports.  Governments, trade associations, and market research firms are the primary providers of secondary market research. 

American Factfinder  Use this portal to data collected by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to find demographic data, time use, expenditure, and business activity data.

DataPlanet  EASI Market Planner

MRI+ University Internet Reporter Mediamark survey of American consumers.  Must use Explorer browser.

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst Demographic, lifestyle behaviors and consumer segmentation reports from Nielson Claritas.  Must use Explorer browser.

Mintel Market research reports about products, services, marketing trends and market segments

Market  Research reports about products, services and market segments

ReferenceUSA Resarch reports about products and services in the international business module.

GMID Euromonitor Research reports with global scope about consumer products, services, consumer expenditure and behavior.

Market Share Reporter Index and abstracts for market share of wide range of products, brands and services reported in trade literature.

ESRI Business Analyst Online Use GIS program to map market segments.


Practical Guidebooks

Angel Capital

Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital

Venture Capital Funding:  A Practical Guide to Raising Funding

Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur

Additional how to books on how to raise capital can be found in our Catalog by searching these subjects:

  • Angels (Investors)
  • Venture Capital
  • New business enterprises-Finance
  • Small Business-Finance

Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms Directory of venture capital firms. The User Key is an indispensable tool for formulating expert searches.

Microcapital Monitor News and reports on microfinance markets around the world.

Kickstarter Website for crowsourcing funding for creative projects, gagets and innovative buisnesses. 

Indiegogo Another crowdfunding site.  Findout who's raising capital by name or by geographic area.

Sample Start-up Financials

BizMiner This database offers a start-up report showing typical profit and loss statements

Associations, Workshops and Directories for Funding

Academic Journals

The following scholarly journals frequently publish articles on innovation, entepreneurship and small business.

Research Policy


Journal of Product Innovation Management

Service Industries Journal

Organization Science

Small Business Economics

Journal of Business Venturing

Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice


ECorner Stanford University's Entepreneurship Corner

Films On Demand The business & economics collection has a browsable section on entrepreneurship.
Conference & event videos.