Business ratios and norms are used to measure financial and operational performance of industries and firms.  For descriptions, formulas and guidance on using commonly applied ratios consult one of the following books or search our catalog for the subject "ratio analysis" or keyword "financial ratio" or "business ratio."

Ratio Calculator

Industry Ratios & Norms

Company Ratios & Norms

  • S&P NetAdvantage
  • Mergent Profitability, debt, liquidity and asset management ratios included in financials going back 10 years.
  • Morningstar Historical profitability,  efficiency and valuation ratios.
  • ReferenceUSA Navigate to the Onesource module, get trends and industry averages.  See video below
  • Reuters Current snapshot of company & industry ratios.
  • Yahoo! Finance  Current snapshot of industry and company ratios reported as statistics.
  • ValueLine Some historical ratios.

Finding RMA Annual Statement Studies in Reference USA

Finding Company Ratios in ReferenceUSA Onesource

Finding Company & Competitor Ratios Using MergentOnline