Simmons OneView provides access to the results of national consumer surveys and the MOSAIC U.S. household segmentation by Experian.  It is designed to facilitate the data driven understanding of consumer targets and to plan media campaigns.

We have access to the Spring 2016 NHCS Adult Study which covers demographics, lifestyle statements and buying behaviors and Spring 2016 Simmons Connect which measures digial engagement.

Simmons OneView allows you to generate quick reports and build cross tabulations.

Note that we do not have access to the following modules: Multi Media Engagement (MME), Correspondance Mapping, Cluster Analysis, Geo Mapping, Trends & Data Stream.

Building a Crosstab

Create a crosstab to learn about the consumption behaviors and lifestyle statements of your chosen target population.

Read Crosstab Results

These defintions will help interpret crosstab results:

Columns contain the target audiences selected

Rows contain the answers to the survey questions chosen

Sample is the number of people surveyed who met the column and row criteria

Vertical % is the percent of the target audience who agreed with the survey questions selected

Horizonal % is the percent of all people who agreed with the survey questions selected that fit the target audiences selected.

Index is the likelihood that the targets agree with the selected questions expressed as a percentage of the base, where 100=average.  Eg. If the target indexed at 125 for a given behavior, that target is 25% more likely than the average to express that behavior.  If the target indexed at 50, the target is 50% less likely than the average person to agree with the question or engage in the behavior.

Quick Report-Simmons Connect

Quick Reports are infographics focusing on the digital usage and behaviors of whatever target audiences you define.  For example you can use the Quick Reports to find out web site use by Boomers or get a social media usage profile on women who are devoted to regular exercise. Quick Report infographics can also be saved as data in a spreadsheet.  To access all preformatted Quick Reports choose the Simmons Connect study.

When  the NHCS studies are chosen, only the demographic and segmentation Quick Reports can be generated.

Customize a target population

You can choose simple one dimensional target populations such as all men, choose common preformatted target popluations such a Generation Z or narrowly define a target population by demographic and behavioral characteristics such as people of a certain age that believe that financial security after retirement is an individual requirement.