Major Databases

SciFindern is the new version of SciFinder Scholar is the most comprehensive index of chemical literature. You must create a personal login. Email Alfred Fry if you have problems.

Reaxys is a database of chemical compound properties, structures, and reactions with references to the journal and patent literature of chemistry. This database combines the content formerly found in Beilstein and Gmelin.

Scopus is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary database of peer-reviewed literature. Also good for citation analysis.

Science Citation Index, part of Web of Science, allows you to focus on high quality journals. Also good for citation analysis.

Classic PubChem or New PubChem

PubMed is good for biochemistry topics.

ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Single publisher journal collections



Villanova has access to every Springer book from 2011 and written in English, including many books on chemistry and materials science.

All of these books, as well as electronic books from other publishers and physical books can be found using our catalog:

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Patent Information


Chemical patent information can be found in both SciFinder Scholar and Reaxys, and you can find patents in all areas in Scopus, but there are several sources whose sole purpose is to provide patent information.

Google Patents contains patents from the 3 major patent sources (USPTO, EPO, WIPO) in a more user-friendly interface. Foreign language patents have buttons for the original language and English (using Google Translate). One button translates the entire patent.

For US Patents: US Patent and Trademark Office

For European Patents: European Patent Office Foreign language patents have buttons that translate using Google Translate. Translations must be done for each section.

For many other countries: PATENTSCOPE from WIPO. Also contains US and EPO patents. Foreign patents can be translated by cutting and pasting into WIPO Translate.

Other Resources

ACS Directory of Graduate Research is the most comprehensive source of information on chemical research and researchers at universities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

PubChem provides information on the biological activity of small molecules.

Pollution Abstracts contains references to journal

MSE 2301: Water

Scopus is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary database of peer-reviewed literature. Also good for citation analysis.

Government organizations:

EPA: National Service Center for Environmental Publications

USGS Publications Warehouse

USGS Water Resources: Data and Tools

Encyclopedias and books:

Enivornmental Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Water Politics and Policy in the United States

Books on water

Magazines (and journals) can be found in Academic Search Ultimate