The reference list pattern for articles included in continuously published sources such as newspapers, magazines, trade journals, scholarly journals and even blog posts (published with periodicals) is consistent.  The APA assumes that most articles and periodicals can be found in multiple databases, so database name is not included in the source statement.   However the Digital Object Identifier or URL are part of the source statement. 

Online Newspaper

Casey, N. (2020, April 4). College made them feel equal. The virus exposed how unequal their lives are. New York Times.


Found on a database

Gruley, B., Clough, R., & Griffin, R. (2020). How Do You Make More Masks Yesterday? Bloomberg Businessweek4651, 38–41.

Found on the web

Bennett, D. & Grant, N. (2020, April 9). Zoom goes from conferencing app to pandemic's socal network. Bloomberg Businessweek

Academic Journal

Found in a database no DOI 

Thomke, S. (2020). Building a culture of experimentation.  Harvard Business Review98(2), 40–48.

Found in a database with DOI

Anderson, R. M., Heesterbeek, H., Klinkenberg, D., & Hollingsworth, T. D. (2020). How will country-based mitigation measures influence the course of the COVID-19 epidemic? Lancet395(10228), 931–934.