Use the citation form for datasets or statistical tables that are largely stand alone.  Do not create a separate citation for a statisical or data table embedded in a report or article.  When citing data or statistics included in larger publications you should create a reference for the "parent" publication.

Add the source descriptor [Data set] or [Statistical table] appended to the title to let the reader know about the form of the source.  The date should be for publication, not when the data was collected or what time period it covers.  If the dataset is designed to be updated, add a Retrieved date to the source statement.

Library databases that offer many datasets and statistical tables include Euromonitor, Data-Planet, Ad$spender, Simmons Insights, Economist Intelligence Unit, Global Financial Data, and Sports Market Analytics to name a few. 

Note that when the user controls the data extracted, a a title that precisely describes the data elicited needs to be constructed.  This is the case for databases such as Ad$pender and Simmons Insights.

Statista is a very popular for business research, but dispite the database name, most of the information found there is more accurately described as graphs or infographics and best cited using the examples for visual works.

Economist Intelligence Unit 

Note that the source is not the name of the database but the entity that generated the data and supplied it to EIU.

OECD. (2020). China: Hospital beds (per 1000 population) [Statistical table]. EIU Dataservices.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security, China. (2020). China: Average monthly wages [Statistical table]. EIU Dataservices.

EIU Riskbriefing. (2020). China: Business operations risk ovarall score [Data table]. EIU dataservices.

Parenthetical: (OECD, 2020; Ministry of Labour and Social Security, China, 2020; EIU Riskbriefing, 2020)

Narratives: OECD (2020) or Ministry of Labour and Social Security, China (2020) or eIU Riskbriefing (2020)

Sports Market Analytics

Sporting Goods Research Network. (2020). Sports-fan 2019 esports [Data tables]. Sports Market Analytics.

Parenthetical: (Sporting Goods Research Network, 2020)

Narrative: Sporting Goods Research Network (2020)

Global Financial Data

International Monetary Fund. (2020). Dubai Arab Light Crude oil (USD per barrel) 1957-present [Data table]. Global Financial Data. Retrieved April 2, 2020 from

Parenthetical:  (International Monetary Fund, 2020)

Narrative:  International Monetary Fund (2020)

Simmons Insight

Be as descriptive of the data generated as possible.

MRI*Simmons. (2017, Spring). Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers: Attitudes (health and medicine) any agree [Data table]. Simmons Insights.