Many of the sources cited doing practical business research can be thought of as documents on web pages.  However you should only use this citation form when the resource does not fit a more precisely defined publication type.  

An article in an online magazine such as Bloomberg Business Week, a newsletter  on a trade association web site, an infographic on a corporate web site, a blog post or a Ted Talk video should be cited using the unique forms, rather than the generic form for a website.

You should use this form for generic documents on corporate web sites, for a articles on news sites such as Politico or Buzzfeed or documents on organization web sites.

Article from Pew Research

Gramlich, J. & Jones, B. (2020, March 26).  Most Americans are confident hospitals can handle the needs of the seriously ill during COVID 19 outbreak. Pew Research Center.

Parenthetical: (Gramlich & Jones, 2020)

Narrative: Gramlich & Jones (2020)

Valdes-Dapena, P. & Wattles, J. (2020, March 30). Ford to build 50,000 ventilators in 100 days. CNN.

Parenthetical: (Valdes-Dapena & Wattles, 2020)

Narrative: Valdes-Depena & Wattles (2020)

Ford Motor Company. (n.d.) A heritage of help.

Parenthetical: (Ford Motor Company, n.d.)

Narrative: Ford Motor Company (n.d.)