Reference list entries in APA style are determined by the type of resource not the database or platform the publication comes from.  Most databases or platforms offer multiple types of publications.  For example EBSCO's Business Source Premier delivers access to company and industry reports, scholarly journal articles, videos and magazines.  Nevertheless it is sometime convenient to look up examples of APA reference list entries by database name.

These examples include the common publication types by databases.  It is not exhaustive.

ABI Inform

APA 7th does not require naming databases in which sources are found.  APA 7th posits that many sources are discoverable in multiple databases. Only include the database link when it is the exclusive source for the content or when the reader needs it to get the material.

Scholarly Journal Article

Campbell, D. A., & Lambright, K. T. (2020). Terms of engagement: Facebook and Twitter use among nonprofit human service organizations. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 30(4), 545-568.

Trade Magazine

Cherney, M. A. (2020). Facebook stock remains resilient amid controversy. Barron's, 100(28), 11.

Company Report

Note the URL is included because this is not likely available to Villanova readers elsewhere.  Also report number included as part of title.

Facebook Inc. (FB): Financial and strategic SWOT analysis (GDTC166967FSA). (2018, May).



Ad$pender provides user generated data.  The model for citing datasets is followed.  The title will be constructed based on the search criteria.  No author provided. Retrieved date included because content is dynamic.

Pretzel Crisps: Media mix Jan. 2019-2020 [Data set]. (2004-2020). Kantar. Retrieved July 15, 2020 from

Advertising age data center

Special Report.  No author provided.  The URL is included because this is not likely to be available to Villanova readers in other sources.  Substitute shortened URL for

Leading national advertisers 2020 fact pack. (2020, July 13). Advertising Age.

Article.  Likely available in other databases or in print edition.

Neff, J. (2020, July 13). What brands can learn from the Facebook boycott. Ad Age.


Report.  BizMiner offers a variety of different reports that can be customized by sales class and geography and business type so titles will differ.  Authorship attributed to BizMiner. Not likely to be found in other databases.

BizMiner. (2020, April). Industry financial report: NAICS 445, food and beverage stores, large >25 million, all U.S.

Business Source Premier

APA 7th does not require naming databases in which sources are found.  APA 7th posits that many sources are discoverable in multiple databases. Only include the database link when it is the exclusive source for the content or when the reader needs it to get the material.

Scholarly Journal Article

Flores-Szwagrzak, K., & Treibich, R. (2020). Teamwork and Individual Productivity. Management Science66(6), 2523–2544.

Professional Magazine

McKenna, P. J. (2020). Leading requires understanding different working styles. Of Counsel39(1), 5–14.

Country Report.  Authorship attributed to IHS Markit organization.  Not likely to be found in other databases. Unnumbered. URL shortener applied. 

IHS Markit. (2020, June 30). Country/territory report: Germany.

conference board

The Conference Board publishes data in table format.

The Conference Board. (2020, February 3). Business & economics portfolio: Consumer confidence index. [1959-2019] [Data]. https://www-conference-board-org.


Sabattini, L. (n.d.). COVID 19 reset and recovery: Making D&I a critical component of the solution. The Conference Board.

D&B Hoovers

Company Profile  These reports are customizable and can include information from publishers of analyst reports and news.  If you use D&B Hoovers for news or other analyst reports create separate citations for them.  The date of the report is indeterminate from the database, but the content is continually updated so include a retrieval date.

Dun & Bradstreet. (n.d.) Verizon Communications [Company profile].  Retrieved July 15, 2020, from

Analyst Report Retrieved from D&B Hoovers.  

Cusick, P. (2020, June 12).  Verison Communications: North American equity research. J.P. Morgan.  https://app-avention-com

New website found via D&B Hoovers links out to original site for source.  In this example an article on a web site.

Wheatly, M. (2020, July 16).  IBM and Verizon team up on 5G IoT tech for industry. SiliconAngle.

SWOT Analysis can be part of the company profile, but if you extract it alone you may create a separate citation.  Publication dates are usually provided unlike the dynamic company profile.

Dun & Bradstreet. (2020, June 5). Verison Communications SWOT analysis. https://app-avention-com


Data-Planet provides access to data created by many organizations who are typically the authors.  These data and statistics can be represented in tables, graphs and maps.  Indicate the format used in the bracketed description of the title.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. (2020, July 17). Coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19): Total confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) cases, 12/31/2019 - 07/16/2020. [Data set]. Data Planet.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. (2020, July 17). Coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19): Total confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 by country (covid-19) cases, 07/16/2020. [Map]. Data Planet.

Economist Intelligence Unit

The Villanova subscription to EIU includes access to data, reports and a web pages with content.

Web page article without author

Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19. (2020, July 8th). Economist Intelligence Unit.

Country Report that is dynamic and changes by day.  Authorship attributed to EIU, to avoid duplication not included in source part of citation.

Economist Intelligence Unit. (n.d.) Country report: Brazil. Retrieved July 17, 2020.​​​​​​

Country Commerce Report with a static publicaiton date.

Economist Intelligence Unit. (2019, October).  Country commerce: Brazil.

Custom Data Selection

Economist Intelligence Unit. (2020). Market indicators: Brazil: EIU business environment ratings 2010-2020.


Article not likely available on other platforms 

Goetzen, N. (2020, July 13). COVID-19's impact on worldwide retail will be worse than the Great Recession. eMarketer.

Report in Powerpoint form

Williamson, D.A. (2020, July 15). Social listening: Why the pandemic is sparking new use cases for an underutilized tool [PowerPoint]. eMarketer.

Chart content source from third party

Syntun. (2020, June 19).  Top 10 product categories in China, ranked by 618 Shopping Festival ecommerce sales, 2020 [Chart]. eMarketer.


EMIS Intelligence

Country Report 

Portman, C. (2020, June 22). Country economic forecast: Armenia. Oxford Economics.  https://www-emis-com.

News Article without named author

Azerbaijan warns of risks to Caspian energy exports from conflict with Armenia(2020, July 20). Petroleum Bazaar - PetroMag https://www-emis-com


Report without named author, authorship attributed to organization.  Don't repeat organization in source.

Euromonitor International. (2020, June). Consumer types in China. https://www-portal-euromonitor-com.

Data Table customized and authorship attributed to organization.

Euromonitor International. (2020). Distribution: Wound care: USA: 2014-2019 [Data table]. https://www-portal-euromonitor-com

Mapped Dynamic Content

Euromonitor International. (n.d.) Consumer health: Market size [Global map]. Retrieved July 20, 2020.  https://www-portal-euromonitor


First Research Industry Profiles


Dun & Bradstreet. (2020, July 6). Recreational vehicle dealers. First Research. https://search-proquest-com.

Foundation Directory Online Professional

Grantmaker Profile no author provided, content dynamic

The Philadelphia Foundation [Grantmaker profile]. (n.d.).  Foundation Directory Online. Retrieved July 20, 2020, from https://fconline-foundationcenter-org 


Report, named authors, not available on alternative platforms/databases.

Williamsen, B., Henein, N. & Woo, B. (2020, March 17). Cool vendors in privacy, 2020 (G00719109). Gartner.

Global Finanical data


Bank for International Settlements. (n.d.). Italy Lira real effective exchange rate [Data]. Global Financial Data.  https://www-globalfinancialdata-com

Guidestar Pro

Nonprofit profile, author not provide & content dynamic

BalletX  [Nonprofit profile]. (n.d.).  GuideStar Pro. Retrieved July 20, 2020, from https://www-guidestar-org.

harvard business publishing collection

Book, URL not needed because likelihood that these can be found in print and online

Roberts, L. M., Mayo, A. J., & Thomas, D. A. (2019). Race, work, and leadership : New perspectives on the black experience. Harvard Business Review Press.

Chapter in book

Clark, D. (2017).  Fending off a colleague who keeps wasting your time. In HBR guide to being more productive. (pp. 85-90). Harvard Business Review Press.

HS Talks


Farndale, E. (2017, April 30). Global talent management [Video]. HS Talks.


IBIS World

Industry Report with named author and numbered

Curren, J. (2020, June).  Diagnostic & medical laboratories in the U.S. (621510). IBIS World.  https://my-ibisworld-com.


Company Report  with organization as author.  MarketLine reports are dispersed across several databases, with no comprehensive access in one location.

MarketLine. (2020, January 10). Aramark Corporation [Company profile]. Business Source Complete. 

Industry Report with organization as author.

MarketLine. (2020, April). Healthcare providers in Denmark [Industry profile]. D&B Hoovers.

Report with organization as author.  Only available to our users from single database.

Simba Information. (2019, July). Global medical publishing 2019-2023 [Market research report].

Mergent online

Company Profile, dynamic content

Aramark Corporation [Company profile]. (n.d.) Retrieved July 20, 2020, Mergent Online.

News Article

Buzalka, M. (2020, July 17). 5 things: Reopening schools likely to face budget crunch. Food Managment. Mergent Online.


Market Research Report

Cullen, R, (2020, June). The impact of COVID-19 on household, home care and personal care: US [Market research report]. Mintel database.

New Products Chart

Antiseptic treatments, non-ingested, introduced to US last three years [Chart claims]. (n.d.) Retrieved July 20, 2020, Mintel database.


Report dynamic

Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund Admiral [Mutual fund report]. (n.d.) Retrieved July 20, 2020, Morningstar Investment Research Center.

Analyst Report

Bryan, A. (2020, April 24). Morningstar's analysis: Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund Admiral [Report]. Morningstar Investment Research Center


Page with Company Financials, undated

Aramark (NYSE: ARMK): Financials, ratios, 2015-2020. (n.d.). Retrieved July 21, 2020, NetAdvantage.

Industry Survey (Report)

Goon, X.J. (2020, April).  Retail (apparel): Industry surveys.  CFRA. https://www-capitaliq-com.


Nexis Uni

News (Blog) no author, could substitute shortened URL for each example.  Content may be available in different databases, but perhaps difficult to track down.

Tesla share rally propels some early fan investors to riches. (2020, July 20).  Autoblog.

Newswire no author

Q1 2020 Tesla Inc earnings call final. (2020, April 29). FD (Fair Disclosure) Wire.

Reference Entry

Tesla Inc. (2020, July 20). In LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations.


O'Reilly for Higher ed

Book likely available on other platforms or formats

Farris, P., Bendle, N., Pfeifer, P.E. & Reibstein, D.J. (2015) Marketing metrics: The manager's guide to measuring marketing performance (3rd ed.).  Pearson.


Kramer, J. & O'Neill, H. (2018, June). Understanding market research [Video]. O'Reilly Media


Chapter in report/book with organization as author 

Germany. (2020). In OECD, OECD tourism trends and policies 2020.

Working paper

Flues, F. & Lutz, B.L. (2015, May 12). Competitiveness impacts of the German electricity tax (OECD Environment Working Papers No. 88). OECD.

Oxford Bibliographies

Article in database, exclusive access.

Pytlovany, A. (2020, February 26). Ageism at work. Oxford Bibliographies.

policy map

Map created on platform with different underlying source data.

Census Bureau. (n.d.) Percent employment in healthcare support occupations, 2014-2018 [Map, US]. Policy Map database.

Report generated dynamically

Policy Map. (n.d.). Community profile report of city: Philadelphia. Retrieved July 22, 2020,

simmons insights

Construct a title for the data or report you retrieve from each study that is as descriptive as possible so that a reader could find the data or report created.

MRI Simmons. (2017, Spring).  [NHCS adult 12 month study Tesla owners/leased attitudes (automobiles) any agree][Data]. https://simmonsinsights-com.

MRI Simmons. (2018, Spring). [Simmons connect plus; Digital activity profile: Tesla owners] [Report]. https://simmonsinsights

sports market analytics

The data available in Sports Market Analytics is obtained from various publishers.  In this example authorship is attributed to the source/copyright holder of the data.

Sporting Goods Research Network. (2019). eSports: Detailed cross tab statistics [Data]. Sports Market Analytics.


Statista authors reports, but also provides access to statistics and infographics authored by others.  Attribute authorship to the source of the publication.

Dossier Report by Statista

Statista. (2020). Disney Plus dossier [Report]. https://www-statista-com.

Graphic co-authored by different organizations

Morning Consult & The Hollywood Reporter. (2020, June). Level of support for Disney Plus showing controversial movies with a content warning in the United States as of June 2020, by ethnicity [Graph]. Statista. https://www-statista-com

value line

Dynamic company reports.  Don't include the database name in source statement because it is the same as the author.

Value Line. (n.d.). Apple Inc. [Company report]. Retrieved July 22, 2020, https://research-valueline-com

Historical report

Value Line. (2014, April 4). Apple Inc. [Company report].

Industry report with named author.

Brophy, T. (2020, June 26). Computer and peripherals industry [Report]. Value Line. https://research-valueline-com.