A number of databases offer industry and market research reports.  The most frequently used at Villanova  include:  IBISWorld, Mintel, Euromonitor, D&B Hoovers, MarketResearch.com, Emerging Market Information Source and Business Source Premier (EBSCO) and ABI Inform (Proquest).

Finding the bibliographic information needed to create a citation is usually easiest by downloading the PDF.

The model used to make these citations is found in section 10.4  of the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the APA.

APA rule 9.30 advises against including the name of most academic databases, but recommends using them when needed to retrieve the source from that exact database. Not many academic databases have overlapping industry and market research reports, therefore it is adviseable to include the database name or URL.

APA rule 9.36 allows for the use of URL shorteners.  Test them to make sure they work.

Mintel report PDFs do not list individual authors.  The publisher is the author, so the publisher/database name is omitted from the source part of the citation. 

Mintel. (2019, May). Ice creams and frozen novelties: US. https://reports-mintel-com.ezp1.villanova.edu/display/919506/?fromSearch=%3Ffreetext%3Dice%2520cream

Parenthetical citation: (Mintel, 2019)

Narrative citation:  Mintel (2019)

Multiple sources with same author and date. To avoid ambiguity add lower case "a" and "b" to the respective sources dates.

Mintel. (2019a, May). Ice creams and frozen novelties:  US. https://reports-mintel-com.ezp1.villanova.edu/display/919506/?fromSearch=%3Ffreetext%3Dice%2520cream

Mintel. (2019b, September) Beauty and personal care accessories: US. https://reports-mintel-com.ezp1.villanova.edu/display/919242/?fromSearch=%3Ffreetext%3Daccessories

Parenthetical citation: (Mintel, 2019a) or (Mintel, 2019b)

Narrative: Mintel (2019a) or Mintel (2019b)

IBISWorld reports do have named authors and also have report numbers which are considered part of the title.   Notice the shortened URL example.

Madigan, J. (2019, December). Ice cream production in the U.S. (Report 31152). IBISWorld. https://my-ibisworld-com.ezp1.villanova.edu/us/en/industry/31152/about

or with shortened URL

Madigan, J. (2019, December). Ice cream production in the U.S. (Report 31152). IBISWorld. https://bit.ly/2EED2wr

Parenthetical citation: (Madigan, 2019)

Narrative citation:  Madigan (2019)

Euromonitor reports don't have named individual authors.

Euromonitor International.  (2019, September). Ice cream and  frozen desserts in the U.S. https://www-portal-euromonitor-com.ezp1.villanova.edu/portal/analysis/tab

Parenthetical citation: (Euromonitor International, 2019)

Narrative citation: Euromonitor International (2019)

Report from ABI Inform (Proquest) database

C. Barnes & Co. (2019) Ice cream and frozen desserts manufacturing (NAICS 31152). ABI Informhttps://search-proquest-com.ezp1.villanova.edu/docview/2238657351?accountid=14853

Parenthetical citation: (C. Barnes & Co., 2019)

Narrative citation: C. Barnes & Co. (2019)